About AIM

Project AIM Programs was founded in 2007. It began with a number of parents who were desperately searching for a summer camp option for their children with special needs. Yaffi and her team opened Camp AIM’s doors to a small group of children in 2008. Since then Project AIM Programs has become a registered Canadian charity servicing over 100 children annually through many recreational and therapeutic programs.

Who are we?
Camp AIM is the only summer program combining therapy and recreation in the GTA, and the only Jewish camp exclusively servicing children with special needs. Camp Aim is open to children of all abilities, religious affiliation and medical needs.

Our mission is to provide special needs children with recreational and social opportunities, and to assist their families by offering support and respite.

Our team of experienced and well-known therapists and hand-picked staff share our dream of providing children with exceptional camping experiences. Many of the staff volunteer their time to support the program and ensure that our campers can access programming that is both stimulating and therapeutic. Staff and campers share a bond that is nurtured through many programs and reunion events throughout the year.

When a child enrols in Camp AIM they are joining a family, and are part of a year-round experience.

Camp AIM operates as a registered charity under the name Project AIM Programs. The camp has grown to over 60 campers and runs dozens of year-round respite and after-school recreational programs integrated with mainstream programs including dance schools, Hebrew schools, sports teams and swim groups.

Who do WE help?
Camp AIM is unique in its ability to support children with multiple disabilities who are medically fragile or have cognitive delays. Each of our divisions run unique programs specific to children with autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and many other disorders. Camp AIM also helps the entire family, providing a much needed opportunity for parents to spend dedicated time together with their other children. Providing peace of mind to mothers and fathers knowing their children are safe, happy and having the time of their life is a benefit that is indescribable.

How can YOU help?
Camp Aim relies on donations and grants to provide its services and to deliver a level of care that is necessary to ensure our campers health and safety. Any and all contributions are welcome. All proceeds go directly to support Project AIM Programs. Most of our year-round programs are offered to campers at discounted rates as parents dealing with the daily expenses of raising a child with special needs are already financially strained.

The cost of providing campers with a summer experience that includes vital therapies, medical staff, an overnight trip and the daily recreational programming is significant. In order to offer an affordable camp experience subsidies are given to families. Approximately 38% of the costs associated with one child’s summer camp experience is subsidized through fundraising initiatives, donations, corporate sponsorships and grants.

For inquires on how you can get involved in supporting Camp AIM please call our office at 647-965-1246 or CLICK HERE to donate online.