Camp Programs

toddler program

Toddler 18 mos – 3 yrs

Our Toddler Program offers services to children ages 18 months to 3 years. Therapies included in this program are OT, PT and Music Therapy. Group activities include circle time, sensory play and plenty of hands on opportunity for sensory and social play. Our warm and caring team of staff are always encouraging and nurturing independence and interactions.


Juniors- 3-6

Our Juniors Programs caters to children with a wide range of abilities ages 3 to 4 years. The daily schedule includes all our Therapies and Activities with a large emphasis on group play, communication and self-care skills. Children enrolled in the Junior Program are introduced to new experiences and friends while always having tons of fun!


Active Adventures- 4-8

The Active Adventures division is designed for children with developmental delay and autism spectrum disorders. A large emphasis is placed on enhancing daily living skills, independencce and behaviour modification. Children in this program benefit from individualized behavior planning overseen by a behaviour therapist as well as daily direct instruction. Music therapy, sensory experiences and a stimulating swim progam round out the day. This prorgam is perfect for children who have difficulties communicating and relating to others but still want to have fun!

Social Adventures- 6-10

The Social Adventures division is an integrated program servicing children aged 4-8. This group focuses on team work, encouraging social interactions and developing appropriate conversation skills. Emphasis is placed on independent thinking skills, problem solving and self-regulation. Music therapy and circle time give children the opportunity to express emotions, thoughts and ideas. This group also participates in the Life skills program which includes ample opportunity for integration and developing independence. The Social Adventure group is the perfect place for children who need 1:1 assistance in an action packed group setting and who want to have a hands on and fun camp experience.


Peers In Play- 6-9

This division is for children who do not require 1:1 assistance. We will be following a Floortime model and emphasizing social skills, independence and problem solving. Includes daily sports and swim instruction. A great program for children who do best in small group settings with consistent scheduling and guidelines. The Peers in Play program gives campers opportunity for self expression through a variety of media such as art, dance, drama and videography.

Muscles N Motion- 5-9

The Muscles n Motion division is specifically designed to meet the needs of children aged 4-6 and 7-12 with a physical disability or a complex medical condition. Their daily schedule is jam packed with therapy, activities and FUN! Wheelchair accessible busing, play grounds and facilities makes it possible for this group to take part in all the excitement. Our staff is trained to care for campers using mobility devices, Augmentative communication devices and can administer G-tube feeds and medication. Children in this program benefit from daily Physiotherapy sessions in addition to all our regular therapy groups. A large emphasis is places on life skills, independence and self – care skills. The Muscles n motion groups are always on the move! New experiences, community outings and long lasting friendships are just some of the benefits of this specialized program.


Older Division- 9-12

Our older kids are the life of the Camp AIM party! Everyone wants to be in the oldest room and take part in the non stop dancing and action. Our oldest campers act as models for the other division and are often given leadership opportunity. Campers in this division get to do all the regular activities plus more! A generous grant from Care for Kids (Toronto) funds weekly trips and speciality instruction in expressive arts. The older division is a place of friendship, love and enthusiasm.