Older Division- 8-13

Our older kids are leaders! Activities emphasize team work and problem solving. This division includes special weekly outings and trips and professional art and woodworking instruction. The leadership program is a wonderful opportunity for teens with a physical disability or medical diagnoses to give back! A schedule is designed to integrate volunteer hours and special activities in a warm and caring environment. The leadership program facilitators allow the teens to be directly involved with the campers to the best of their ability. This program is designed to empower our teens and encourage them to be involved in the community. The leadership program participants put on a carnival, run our activity room and volunteer with the children during free play. They develop close relationships with both the campers and staff members at Camp AIM. Some of the special activities they participate in include cooking, outings, swimming and art programs. In order to participate in the Leadership Program you must be 12-18 years of age.