Our little chefs get their hands in the kitchen as they work hard peeling vegetables for sushi, rolling out the pizza dough and preparing muffins. For our older campers, cooking groups focus on preparing simple meals such as sandwiches, vegetable platters and scrambled eggs.

sports in camp


Sportball coaches and soccer teams help our campers learn the rules of the game by breaking it down into clear steps. Most importantly they get to spend time outdoors and feel like winners!

Sensory Play


Twice a week all the groups get together for a special activity involving sensory play. Shaving cream and paint parties, soapy car washes and toe painting are just some examples of these wacky activities.

biking for website


Occupational and Physical Therapists work with children on an individualized biking program. Adaptive bikes and other supportive equipment help children with physical disabilities master this skill.

gross motor

Gross Motor

Our gym room is packed with equipment and activities to promote movement and exercise. Gym time is led by an experienced OT and often starts off with a group activity. Stations in the gym skills group focus on balance, trunk strength and stability through interactive games and sports.

theme day

Theme Days

Camp isnt camp without theme days! Sports day, pajama day, wacky hair day and others get out kids and staff into the camp spirit. A special activity takes place in line with the days theme.

Outdoor play

Our facilities include 3 beautiful outdoor play grounds with equipment that ranges in ability and skill levels. Playgrounds include climbing structures, a huge sandbox, tire swings and slides- there is something for everyone to enjoy! We also enjoy water play, bubbles and chalking in our large outdoor play area.


Life skills

regular trips to the local supermarket give our campers the chance to learn how to follow a picture shopping list and pay for groceries. Toothbrushing and other self care activities are part of our routine. Clean up jobs promote independent living habits and our campers learn to sweep and wash their lunch dishes.

Adventures in art

Our art program focuses on creativity and messy-hands-on projects where children are encouraged to try new textures and join in the fun. Campers are proud to bring home their hand made master pieces.

Shabbat Program

The Shabbat program is the highlight of the week. Right in the morning campers begin preparing their Shabbat crowns. Challa dough is braided and sprinkled with sesame seeds for each child to take home. All the children gather together around the Shabbos table and the Shabbat Ima and Shabbat Abba proudly light the candles and make Kiddush. Special Shabbos treats are passed out and the whole camp enjoys singing and dancing with their counsellors and friends.



Each session features several day trips to places such as the farm, fantasy fair, Centre Island, berry picking and the science centre. Trips are a great way for campers to try new things and gain from new experiences.


Splash Pad

Splash pad at Ledbury is both a social and sensory activity. Campers enjoy splashing with friends and climbing on the splash pad structures.